A problem I solved on my own

I was on top of my roof and I slipped. I couldn’t get up. I was screaming for help for many hours but no one came. I decided I would jump back and fly, like a bird,on top of a tree beside my house. I was scared I would not make it. I yelled loudly for two more minutes., hoping someone would come to help me. I had to face my fears but I didn’t want to jump.

I was thinking what if I didn’t make it. I could die! But when i was jumping I was thinking to myself, will I make it. I’m not going to leave today. I’m going to survive! I can’t believe my brother scared me off of this roof. My socks flew off and next I knew, I’m hanging off the top of the building and he leaves me. I’m scared to take the jump. I have no one to help me anymore they all left me. Not even in the house if I was supposed to be out here by myself look like oh I could go to church right after I fell off I thought it was okay but no I’m here now that’s what I was thinking when I was hanging from a be on it.
I won’t stay on the roof anymore without someone with me.


My eyes were as big as whales eyes and my mouth was open as a hungry bear! Opening presents is an exciting way to celebrate Christmas! I saw so many presents with shiny, starry wrapping paper!When my family came into the living room we open ed one present at the same time! I feel like a million dollars when  I get a present . Opening  a present is like digging in a mine! Santa doesn’t get cookies we eat the cookies and we drink the mas is not about opening presents it’s about time with family.


Jacob Corp


President Poem

He was born on march 29,1790 in Virginia

He went to the University of Virginia

He was home school until college

Wife was Christian

John Tyler

elected in 1841

He was the tenth president

He was a tall, and thin man

John Tyler died July 9, 1850 in New York


I got a tablet  for a  Christmas present.I was happy because I can play games.I like to play Angry Birds Go because I get to drive the Angry Birds.I got to go to my Papo’s house on Christmas Eve with my brother.My brother and I got to ride 4 wheelers.                                      I want to move to my dad’s house because I bo not like my mom boyfriend. I want to read better, so I want to spell better.

December 7 941

President Rosvelet calls this a day to remember .

End up with the U.S.  in the World war II

At 8:00 am on the weekend.


Lost loved ones

Here is were they have the place to remember ones that were lost.


Russia atacked

Bennion, Mervyn

On December 7,1941.



Should every player get a trophy?

Every kid should not get a trophy. If some kids have trophies they will brag to others kids who don’t have a trophy. If  kids are on a team they might fight over who gets to take the trophy home.  If a kid has a trophy and has a little sister they might shove it in their face3.  this is why every kid should not get a trophy.