A problem I solved on my own

I was on top of my roof and I slipped. I couldn’t get up. I was screaming for help for many hours but no one came. I decided I would jump back and fly, like a bird,on top of a tree beside my house. I was scared I would not make it. I yelled loudly for two more minutes., hoping someone would come to help me. I had to face my fears but I didn’t want to jump.

I was thinking what if I didn’t make it. I could die! But when i was jumping I was thinking to myself, will I make it. I’m not going to leave today. I’m going to survive! I can’t believe my brother scared me off of this roof. My socks flew off and next I knew, I’m hanging off the top of the building and he leaves me. I’m scared to take the jump. I have no one to help me anymore they all left me. Not even in the house if I was supposed to be out here by myself look like oh I could go to church right after I fell off I thought it was okay but no I’m here now that’s what I was thinking when I was hanging from a be on it.
I won’t stay on the roof anymore without someone with me.

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